• CR Electric carry out all kinds of cabling for informatics (PDS), both copper and fibre solutions as well as wireless installations and UPSs. Due to the rapid development in the data area, most companies find it difficult to keep up with new knowledge and equipment.

    When you want to install a data network you will need a reliable and profound partner such as CR Electric

    A partner, who will join you in the analytical phase and provide the possibility to make the right choices in order to enable you to cope with the future.
    CR Electric carry out project engineering and installation and we can keep your data network in good repair.

    CR Electric offer a complete solution with everything you need for installation of cabling and electronics for data.

  • We are familiar with data network requirements

    We know about cabling and are the natural choice when you need a supplier of the data electronics, which connect the active network cabling

    Our installations will always comply with proper craftsmanship principles, providing optimal networking capacity

    All installed networks are subject to a comprehensive test, the results of which become part of the installation documentation supplemented with AutoCAD building plans.

  • CR Electric co-operate with and are certified by the leading distributors in the trade.

    We can therefore offer products from the following manufacturers:

    Ongoing Development Process
    The continuous training of our employees is essential. Keeping up is vital, but we prefer staying one step ahead.

    CR Electric's data technicians are highly skilled and their qualifying training is an ongoing process. Development to us is an interesting challenge in an area where the knowledge is crucial for obtaining good results.

    As part of the network we install digital telephone systems (PABC & IP).

    In the certification process we primarily use equipment from Phillips and Agfeo. Furthermore, we implement wireless installations from the above suppliers plus Siemens and Kirk.