• CR Electric carry out all types of electrical installations on the basis of
    special expertise, further training, know-how…

    And not least: top quality which is fully supported by our first class suppliers and selected co-operation partners. All able to cope with present and future requirements for high tech installations in
    dwellings, industry and business and servicing of existing installations.

    Since CR Electric started we have carried out installations in architect-designed single-family houses – installations which today consist of much more than providing plugs and sockets – and we have therefore gained great expertise in performing:

    IHC Control installations
    IHC Net installations
    Audio systems
    Alarm systems: Smoke – gas - burglary
    Central vacuum cleaning system
    Web viewer control

  • CR Electric have great experience in industry & production installations and automatic machinery. Development & installation of such + industrial maintenance work of the same. (see list of references)

    We carry out all projects in close co-operation with the owner and in our design we use relevant tools and document it all in AutoCAD-drawings.

    CR Electric can offer to carry out parts of or the total solution and our skills cover the following technical/installations/units

    PLC controls
    Dupline installations
    Power installations - distribution
    Technical illuminations
    Ventilation units
    CTS installations
    Safety light
    Motor control - adjustment
    Waterworks installations
    Purification plants
    Units for raw material industries
    Web solutions