ihc & LAN

  • We primarily use:

    IHC Control
    IHC Net

  • Dupline:
    Building automation are in a transitional phase.

    Traditional electrical installations can meet many requirements, but as the building's features are becoming more and more complex, and the requirements for interaction between them grows, there is a need for a different installation techniques.

  • IHC Control:
    IHC Control is electric installation, providing comfort and safety in the home and workplace. It can be programmed to control for example. light and heat according to individual needs - and also has built many alarm functions.

    IHC Net:
    IHC Net is the flexible network solution for home and small office that allows you to use the same socket / outlet for such diverse purposes as data, telephone, radio and TV.

  • KNX is a world standard for home and building automation. KNX Association develops, manufactures and markets components based on a common technology bygningsautomatiation.